Friday, August 28, 2009

Self Serving Shitweasels

I commented on someone's blog tonight...just finally got fed up with reading about how excited APs get while they buy children away from their families.  Good for you!  You just legally kidnapped a child!  And how much did that cost you?  Back in 1974, my aparents paid $225 for inflation has made that amount significantly higher.

I'm sick of hearing how great it is that this AP or that AP has "save" a child from living a horrid life.  Get over yourself!!!  I grew up with an amom who was the Queen of all martyrs.  A part that she played very well..and one that she still plays. 

One night when my grandfather was doing particularly bad health-wise at the nursing home, my amother, auncle and I were sitting at his bedside and my mother said, "Do you want to tell your uncle your news?"  It was awkward to say the least.  After I told him and he'd left, she said, "Well, he was probably shocked and didn't want to say too much because he wasn't sure how I was feeling about it".  I'm sorry..WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?  My reunion isn't about you.  For once, I have something that I can claim for my own.  And that has been the best thing about it..I am finally finding myself.


  1. Dear Shitweasel.
    Sorry you had a shitty life, but don't take it out on unsuspecting adoptive parents.
    There are far too many kids out there who need a mommy and a daddy for you to come rolling in to take a dump on their parade.
    My sister was adopted and she doesn't feel the need to go around the internet kicking sand in the face of people who are happy to have a child in their life.
    Knock yourself out trying to prevent adoptions, that is the stupidest thing I've heard of in a long time.
    Get therapy if you are so miserable.
    And open your comments for everyone to view if you are going to comment on other people's blogs.

    Happy father of an adopted little girl.
    -Mike Larkin

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  2. Dear Mike,

    I'm sorry my post hit so close to home for you. I'm sure you believe you are a fantastic adoptive father...although the fact that a post written by an adult adoptee would cause you such angst speaks volumes about your own issues and challenges.

    I'm glad your sister is so well-adjusted, at least on the surface. Honestly, most of my adoptee friends and I keep our emotions and feelings to ourselves when around our adoptive families since they don't really understand how we could possibly feel loss and rejection so powerfully when we've been "brought up so normally".

    My comments are open, albeit monitored...and for the record, my responses on the other blog were not made to "dump on" adopters' parades...or to "take it out" on unsuspecting adopters. They were simply to state for the record that all adoptees, whether they choose to allow the feelings of loss to shine through, do feel loss when taken away from their natural families.

    Best regards,

  3. Hey Mike -nice comment - I thought Christians usually turned the other cheek - you know, like Jesus would do.

    You may be a happy adoptive parent but I wonder how happy your kid is going to be 16 years from now when she graduates high school and her father is old enough to be in a nursing home. Not to mention being Asian and growing up in an area that has less than 1% Asian in the demographics.

    Sounds like little Madeline is going to be needing some therapy too!

  4. Wow Mike, tell us how you really feel. First off I'd like to ask why you would read a blog that is clearly not pro-adoption like you are and then leave such a nasty, immature comment? What were you trying to achieve other than insulting the owner of this blog? Second, I find it interesting that there are so many adoptive parents like you who only want to hear how great adoption is and get so angry and aggressive whenever an adoptee says something remotely negative about it, labeling US as angry and bitter - the irony is astounding. The fact is the happy adoptees that you all trot out, like your sister, probably don't feel safe or comfortable telling you about their abandonment issues, their self-esteem problems, their issues with relationships, their constant feelings that they have to please everyone because people like you will make them feel like ungrateful pieces of crap. I hope that when your adopted daughter grows up that she has the strength to tell you how she really feels and that she kicks sand in your face as she leaves your home forever, you self-righteous, nasty little man.

  5. Mike;

    How would you feel if one day your little Madeline is one of the card carrying "shitweasel" adoptees who speak out against adoption, would you be fine with people responding to her the way you responded to Cricket? Honestly I've seen angry teenagers formulate better and more respectful responses. I have my problems with my aparents, but them acting vile and childish to strangers hasn't been one of them thankfully.

    Also, the get therapy/dismissive/name calling/I know so and so who is adopted and they are FINE REALLY THEY ARE FINE DANGIT AP is so over done. Also I think it bears mentioning just how much of your post was about the poor poor AP whos parades get dumped on and sand in their eyes. Adoption about the adoptee? NEVAH!

  6. Wow Mike, do you kiss your little adoptlings with that mouth?

  7. I think Mike just saw the name Shitweasel and thought someone was talking to him.

    Me thinks it's time for some more Geritol, Mikey.

    And you know what is just fabulous about Mike's adoption? Once his daughter is out of diapers, it will be her turn to change his!



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