Friday, August 28, 2009

Bitterness and Anger

I'm tired of ignorant people.  Tired of having to hear how we, as angry adult adoptees, should just "get over it" and move on.  Sorry, but unfortunately, this hurt and anguish has been with me for my entire life so far and will be for years to come.  Not just because I was abused..but also because I did not grow up with my natural family.

And HOW DARE anyone tell me that I don't have a right to tell people who aren't adopted and have no idea what it's like that adoption affects every aspect of my being.  And I would think that PAPs or APs would WANT to know what they are in for when the child grows up and actually can see beyond the "We chose you, isn't that lovely?" or the "You're special because you grew in my heart and not in my tummy".  Please...grab me a trashcan because I just might hurl.

I understand that life in general isn't all rainbows and sunshine..regardless of whether you're adopted or not...but my point is that adoptees are treated like second class citizens.  Millions aren't even given access to their original birth certificates because the almighty "Powers That Be" deem them/us unworthy of knowing the truth of our beginnings.   We're told to be "grateful" for being given a better life...hear that we should get checked for diseases because our grandparent had it...even when we're not part of the same gene pool.

Am I bitter?  Yes..but not because I'm adopted...because I'm sick and tired of hearing ignorant people getting upset at us for speaking our minds.

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