Monday, July 23, 2012

Yup...I'm Here

You’re probably all sick of me apologizing for being missing from my blog for weeks/months at a time.  But here I go again.

I really WANT to blog.  I find myself getting more and more stuck though with what to write about anymore.   That doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening in my life though…

I just…

celebrated four years of being found by my natural mom.

mourned the three year anniversary of my sister’s fiancĂ©’s death from an accidental overdose.

lamented the fact that my twelve year old daughter is now a hair taller than me and can wear my shoes (o.O).

found out that my son was driven in a four door sedan four hours to and from vacation with his three year old sister sitting on his stepmother’s lap next to him with no seatbelt (double o.O).  This after I found out he was in the car when the stepmother got pulled over for an expired registration and rode in the back of a police car.

started golfing two weeks ago and have realized that I love it.

was sent on a spectacular guilt trip by my adoptive mother for not being supportive enough when her aunt (my adoptive great aunt) passed away.

was sent an email containing joke pictures, including ones about adoption, by my adoptive mother.

checked the child support website and realized that my ex is now $5,320.67 past due in support and arrears payments.

kicked ass on my goals at work for the last Quarter.

watched my daughter sing “Over The Rainbow” as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

enjoyed golfing with my nine year old son by ourselves.

haven’t heard from my natural father directly since last year.

missed everyone in my adoptee/natural mom online world immensely.

thought about blogging every day and just…didn’t.

So, I’m thinking that if I give myself a more manageable goal of blogging every other day and checking up on everyone else’s blogs at the same time, I might not feel so overwhelmed.  Maybe???