Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where'd It Go??? And An Update On Me

I received an email the other day, I think from one of my readers..Tina (??)..that I looked at on my phone and then promptly did something that either deleted or otherwise banished to the great unknown.  I can't find it and am hoping that Tina is reading this post and will resend the email.  ::blushes with embarassment::  Sorry!

Things are going really well with P.  We're trading almost daily emails and I'm just taking it one step at a time.  He's excited to finally have a daughter of his own and is happy to get to know me and to exchange stories about our lives thus far.  It's just so strange to say that I have a father, after my afather has been dead for seven years.  My family orchard (can't say I have a tree...haha) has grown exponentially in the past month and I'm getting used to the idea of having two more brothers to add to the branches.  I haven't asked him if they know about me yet...I figure I'll broach that subject eventually.

I'm stopping therapy for now.  I know, GASP!  Honestly, it's not because I want to, or because I think I'm "done".  One of the drawbacks of getting hired full time at my work is that I had to switch health insurances and the therapist's office I was going to doesn't take the new insurance.  I'm frustrated and can't even bring myself to start looking for another therapist because it's overwhelming to think about telling all of my crap to someone else.  Guess that means I'll be blogging more frequently to get my feelings out.  Aren't YOU all the lucky ones? 

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  1. I'm sooooo happy for you! Can't say that enough! Look forward to hearing more! <3


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