Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Days of Truth ~ Day Six

Day 6: Something you hope you never have to do.

I have already done something I hoped to never do....suffered a miscarriage. I wasn't very far along in the pregnancy, but it was traumatic nonetheless.  I think about that child to this day, he or she would be fourteen years old now. 

But like many of the other participants, my true answer to this one is a simple one. I hope never to bury a child. 

My amother told me the below story in its entirety while I was pregnant with Madelyn.  I wish she hadn't.

Back in the mid 60's, my a-uncle and a-aunt had a baby...their first child.  She was eight months old and was napping in an upstairs bedroom of my grandparents' house while a family barbecue was going on.  My aunt went inside to check on her and moments later started screaming.  From what my amother said, the screams were the worst she'd ever heard.

Both of my uncles rushed into the house to see what was going on and they found my aunt holding my limp cousin out to my uncle.  He performed CPR (or whatever it was called back in the 60's) on the baby but she was already gone.  Not sure if SIDS was recognized back then, but that is most likely what claimed her life. 

We used to drive past her tiny grave on our way to the family plot for the yearly flower planting and I've often wonder how my a-aunt survived the loss of that baby.  Just horrifying. 


  1. I swear that one is universal.

    8 months? I would never recover.

  2. Losing my twins was the most difficult loss I have ever faced. In trying to find something positive about the situation, I was thankful that I lost them at birth rather then after we had the chance to get to know them "outside" of me. My heart goes out to your aunt...and you. <3


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