Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anyone Want To Contribute?

My beautiful friend Jen at Always In My Heart: An Adoption Journey emailed me the other day (sorry honey, I still owe you a return suck) and let me know about a great opportunity for us to share our "wonderful" adoption stories.  It's here (click on the farting unicorn):

It'll take a few days for me to figure out how I want to approach the blog post that is brewing, but rest assured, there's one brewing.

Thanks again you!


  1. Oh, Christ on a Cheet-o. I remember that adoptress who became pregnant. Sick, sick, sick. Ill submit my adoption "story" tomorrow. Doubt if it will get posted, though.

  2. I don't know who I feel worst for, the oldest or the youngest. The oldest kid for having a sibling SO close in age right after who is a bio-kid, or the youngest who was "put on hold" until she miscarried and was the back-up plan. Granted, we're all pretty much back-up plans, but still.

  3. I felt sick when I first read this blog post. I'm even more sick now, after going back and seeing the many, many, happy dappy adopters commenting and posting their stories. I noticed that Amanda was the only non-adopter comment allowed, but her words were completely ignored.

  4. So, this is what I heard when I read that (after the urge to stab myself in the eyes passed)...

    "everything is about me and my needs/wants and my god makes sure I get what I want, regardless of the outcomes for others because my god loves me and hates anyone who disagrees with me and everything I do is perfect because my god told me to".

    Way to use religion as a way to take absolutely no personal responsibility for anything you do, lady.

  5. Blogger is not liking me today! Maybe this comment will go through! Anyway... I still have yet to go over there. I almost did last night, but I've had a lot going on personally and haven't had it in me to delve into all that crap! Guess it's time, though. Love you too! :)


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