Monday, January 17, 2011

30 Days of Truth ~ Day Five

Day 5: Something you hope to do in your life.

When I was younger, one of my favorite television shows was The Brady Bunch.  I loved the episodes where they'd go on family favorite being their trip to the Grand Canyon.  I've always been fascinated by pictures of the huge expanse of the canyon, stretching out for miles and miles.  Wondering what it'd be like to look over the edge and see the bottom, hundreds of feet below. 

See, I haven't really traveled anywhere in my life.  We never went on faraway vacations when I was younger.  We'd spend a week in Maine every summer and once we went to a family church camp on Cape Cod when I was seven.  The farthest north I've been was Prince Edward Island in Canada when I was pregnant with Chase and the farthest south was Virginia.  Never been to Disney World and have never been on a plane except for a trip to Maryland once. 

Steven is an only child and has traveled to many of the states in the USA.  He's told me about horseback riding in Wyoming...seeing the Giant Sequoias in California..and countless trips to Florida.  He's been to Europe many times and is very nonchalent about his travels.

I have to admit, I'm jealous.  I feel sheltered...and I have made him promise me that we'll get to visit the Grand Canyon someday.  (A trip to meet Mickey Mouse isn't out of the question


  1. you should totally come and see me in rainy old Wales

  2. Well then seriously, whenever you can get the airfare together you are more than welcome.

  3. are you going to come visit us when we are living in sunny Florida over on the Emerald Coast with the sugar white beaches? What do you say oh...just about this time next year????

    I am serious too. Start saving some $$ for airfare - my doors will be wide open waiting for you and your littles. Because you can do that in Florida in January.

  4. Well, I would totally offer a visit to the great state of OKLAHOMA, but really...who wants to come here? ;)Ha! Wales?? I'm totally there!! Pick me, pick me!!!!!!

  5. If you ever have a hankering for the metro Detroit area, we would love to have you. Well show you all of the land marks from 8 MILE.

  6. You are also welcome out here in California! We have ocean and mountains and great food and wine.

    I wrote similarly on this topic about wanting to travel more. It's a bug. Once bitten, you can't stop. I also fondly remember the Brady Bunch Grand Canyon and Hawaii episodes. ;-)


  7. It is surreal how similar we are in this instance! My wife's dad was Air Force so they travelled (lived in Thailand even!!) The year she graduated, they did a road trip down to Disney and saw so many cool things along the way, not just disney itself. I was so jealous as I was working. And when we got together the last thing she wanted to do was travel. Now with 4 kids at home travel for us is camping in Maine (laughing) and day trips to NH and VT. I did go to Mexico with my Spanish class in my jr yr but I got so ill there that it is hard to count it as a travel experience. We didn't leave MA when I was a kid and I even live in the same city I grew up in. Yup, I'm a stuck in the mud! LOL

  8. I was sheltered too. My aparents had a house on Cape Cod and my uncle had a house in NH, so we never went outside of those two states for vacations. Though we did fly to Florida once to attempt Disney but going with 14 people during school vacation week killed it.

    My boyfriend has been to almost all 50 states and is determined to have me travel more. I can now say I've been to England, the Dominican, New Orleans, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Yay me... any suggestions for the next trip? I'm thinking Canada....


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