Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"I Love Adoption" ::thud::

I'm taking a one day break from the 30 Days of Truth challenge to rant and rave about a blog I've featured on one of my Blog of Shame posts.

She's disabled comments because of the anti-adoption trolls (muahahahaha) but I wanted to just point out WHY she remains one of the top Blog of Shame authors.

She and her husband are waiting to be put on the wait list with her agency still.  But it looks like that'll happen soon enough.  Want know why she loves adoption?

Here's her most recent post.

I've copied and pasted a list she included in the post.

I love adoption for so many reasons:

*opportunity to be a mom

*opportunity to be a family of 3

*meeting AMAZING people who have or are considering adoption

*the bond adoptive parents make...it is so instant, very similar to the bond I have made with other Army wives

Clearly, in her eyes, adoption is NOT about finding a home for a child for whom there is no other option.  It's about her.  It's about other adoptive parents.

It's not about the child, Folks. 


  1. I really hate the assumption that adult adoptees must be trolls if they don't agree with adoption. Still at lest she's honest, she doesn't and never will care about adoptees. it's all about her.

  2. "...The bond adoptive parents make...it is so instant"

    Im sure ap's think they bond instantly. But the baby? Not so much, lol. They are just "bonded" with the way babies make them feel. This is why it is so ridiculous when infertile people adopt. They have NO clue as to how powerful the bond between a baby and his or her first Mother Anything else is superficial.

    What a misinformed woman....but so typical.

  3. Nowhere near as bad as this one: http://fruitlooped.wordpress.com/

  4. You know, there comes a point where I'm proud to be a troll. Because, when I see the comments of those they consider "trolls" I most often see caring, concerned individuals who face "hell" and all its fury to stand up and speak out about what they believe in.

    So call me a "troll." Its a title I'm being to carry with honor.

  5. Is this bond she's talking about with the baby or with other aparents? It needs more clarification because to me it seems like she's excited to get into the aparents club, not to bond with her new child. Wrong on so many levels.

  6. She's totally saying that she wants to bond with other adoptive parents. ::vomit::

  7. How sad that none of her reasons listed for loving adoption have anything to do with the child.

  8. She is horrible. Please remember that this woman said previously on her blog that those nasty "BM's" shouldn't have "spread their legs" if they didn't want to be in this position.
    She's so classy.
    Also remember that her own family hid a family member's pregnancy and eventual baby from her because they didn't want to upset her.
    Can you imagine? The baby was 4 months old before she knew she existed!

    This woman needs some friends. She thinks adoption is a social club.
    She does not get it and she never will.

  9. Sad that none of her reasons even mention the child. It hurts every time when I see it's not about adoptees. Usually never is. They are so unable to see past their selfishness, and the adoptee has to fit the mold. Gross.


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