Sunday, November 18, 2012

Siblings ~ NaBloPoMo ~ November 18

My adoptive sister, Cindy

Writing prompt for today: Siblings.

Do you have siblings in your adoptive family? Were they also adopted or not? What was your relationship like in regards to adoption? If you are in reunion, did you find siblings as part of your search? How you been affected by your sibling relationships? If you searched and found siblings, and had adoptive siblings, what has that been like? If you don’t have siblings, have you found any benefits to being an only child?

My adoptive sister Cindy is four years older than me.  She was adopted in 1970 after having spent six weeks in foster care.  As children, we never discussed being adopted.  Back then it was more about survival.  We dealt with the same craziness that was heaped upon us by our adoptive mother...(my mother pushed her so hard when she was six years old that her head made a dent in the kitchen wall)...and we became closer as the years went by, trying to keep each other out of harm's way.  Things have gotten a little odd between us now that I'm reunited with my natural family.  I think she sometimes feels bad when she realizes that I'm going out to visit them and that I don't just have her as a sister now.  It's a definite juggling act.

My natural sister and brother, Cate and Greg
I also have a younger brother and sister on my natural mom's side of the family.  It was very strange going from being the baby in the family to being the oldest sibling out of a group of three.  It is hard to get out to see them as much as I'd like to but Cate and I stay connected by text, email and phone calls a lot.  It's a bit different with Greg as he's really busy with work but he always is welcoming with big hugs and a "Love ya Sis" when we get together.  I get sad sometimes though, realizing all that I've missed out on by being raised in a separate family but I'm glad I have them.

I do have two other brothers on my natural father's side.  I haven't met them yet...have been trying to reach out to them after my reunion with my father fell through.  I'm hopeful...but also trying to be realistic.  Maybe they just aren't ready for me to come into their lives.  I'm okay with that...for now, it's enough to know they are out there somewhere.

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