Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Puzzling Experiment ~ NaBloPoMo ~ November 13

::tap tap tap tap tap tap tap....::

No, I'm not tapping my foot on the floor out of impatience.  I'm tapping on the Curiosity cube.  My friend Matty got me hooked. 

A group of people in England put together the cube as a social experiment.  It's a cube...made up of billions of smaller cubelets.  You download the app, and start tapping on the cubelets to chip away at the layers of the cube to get to the last layer.  Something is inside the cube that only the last person to tap on the last cubelet will get to see.  It's fascinating...exasperating...and unfortunately for me, highly addictive.  No one knows how many layers there are to this cube but the thought of what might be hidden inside is intriguing.

The cube for me is like chipping away at my life...peeling away the layers of adoption and abuse and pain and getting to my core.  Much like the experiment, I have no clue what is inside the cube and I have no clue what I will find inside of myself.  It'll be fun to find out though.  :)

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