Saturday, November 17, 2012

Connections ~ NaBloPoMo ~ November 17

Writing prompt for today: Adoptee connections

Did you know many adoptees growing up? Do you know more now? How have adoptee friendships (online or in-real-life) impacted your experience? How do you generally make adoptee connections?

The short answer is no.  I didn't know many adoptees growing up.  I think that the first adoptee I knew was in friend Gretchen.  She was Korean and had grown up with a Scandinavian couple in New Hampshire with three other Korean adoptive siblings. She seemed comfortable with her life and I did envy her the love that her parents showed her when they came to visit her. 

One of my best friends is an adoptee.  She's content with her adoptive family and has told me that she has no desire to find her mother since there was clearly a reason that she gave her up.  Her life was different than abuse, loving parents, amazing extended I guess I can't fault her for her feelings. 

The bulk of my adoptee friendships now are of the online variety.  Less than a month after I was reunited with my natural mother, I found the AAAFC forums and it was there that I found some of the greatest people I'd ever encountered.  They gently helped me out of the fog and encouraged me to explore my feelings towards and about adoption and being adopted.  Through that forum, I found myself and while I hate the word, I am "grateful" for each and every friend I made there.


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