Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blogs of Shame Posts

You'll notice that the blog posts I'd written with the label "Blog of Shame" are gone.  Or maybe you won't I'm hoping you do.  I believe that one of award winners has been in contact with a lawyer and that that law office has been reading the posts.  For what reason?  No clue.  But I've chosen to take those posts and move them to a safe spot that only I have access to.  Will the posts still show up on Google cache?  Yes...but since they've been deleted, at least soon they won't be on the front

I've decided to figure out a better way to get my message out there...still a work in progress.  I've been thinking lately that if I want to be taken seriously as an adult adoptee, then perhaps "shaming" the PAP's and AP's isn't the best way to go about it.

I hope you all can support me in this decision...and I'm open to suggestions on how to go about revamping the posts.


  1. Sorry you felt you had to remove them but people are lawyer happy in this country. I mean, we do have freedom of speech for pete's sake!

    But, of course we'll support you in your decision. It's your blog! :)

  2. When you see some PAPs that are so one sided, so acting entitiled, so unaware of how they are already hurting their potential or future child by ignorance, and so surrounded by friends who are supporting that view, its hard to take a soft approach, isn't it?

    I don't know the answer on how to get through. I am sure your posts put them on the defensive. But they also woke them up to a side it appears they are completely unaware of. The possible voice of their child... grown up.

  3. Really? A lawyer because you decided to have an opinion about something someone has put out there on the public arena?? How can the USA be a democratic country that supposedly supports freedom of speech etc if they go around suing each other for everything and anything? It is staggering.

    Anyway, I am sorry that whoever it is has felt so threatened by the truth that they have had to do this. They would be better off sitting down and thinking through WHY they feel so insecure and threatened by your words and deal with their obviously huge issues than running cyring to some lawyer to scare you. Some people are pathetic.

    And as for getting through to those who want they want at any cost? I am not sure if there is a way. Because those who CHOSE to be blindly ignorant do so because they have something to gain from that choice. Those who don't want to learn, listen and understand will never open their minds.

    Sending you massive love and hugs and a HUGE thank you for highlighting the cowardly acts of persons out there who will stop at nothing to get their hands on what they lust after. xxx

  4. If you blog, you are putting yourself out there. Other people may not like what you have to say and they have a right to disagree. It's called freedom of speech. If you don't want people to disagree, don't blog about it.

    Sigh. So sorry you have to deal with this crap.

  5. I believe you have made a wise and sensible decision which will protect your back and give you ways to blog and express your opinions in other ways.Freedom of speech comes in many forms and in a litigacious society such as yours you have to be inventive! Good challenge!

  6. I still think you can call people out and draw attention to the issue...

    - an almost-blog-of-shame-er (whew!)

  7. I support your decision, but Im sorry you let them get to you. Seriously.

    These adoptoraptors put their craptastic lives out on the internet, so everyone will adore them and see them as saviors.

    Too fricking bad if they cannot handle the truth of how WE feel about them, or adoption in general. You're not breaking laws. I wish you would reconsider. Seriously.

    Fuck 'em. I'd be honored to take over for you.

  8. It's pretty sad that a lawyer would even look at a case like that ~ but yes, they exist. I hope that the Blog of Shame returns some day, these people need to be called out.

  9. Good grief! I'm not surprised though..My son's adoptive mom threatened me after a friend(someone I haven't seen or literally talked to in 15 years) on fb contacted her and told her that the reason our relationship had fallen apart was all her fault. {rolling eyes} the adoptive mom then proceeded to "tattle" on me by calling my husband and saying "this is bordering on slander now"..This after she was coming over to my blog 21 times a day and then sending her friends over to leave nasty comments... THIS after I asked her to stop as it found it creepy and weird. THIS after she downloaded a photo I had of my son when he was a baby..a picture she already has as she GAVE ME the exact photo she was downloading..she then made it her profile picture on FB...psycho!! God knows if it were me who had done such thing, you can be sure there would have been hell to pay!

  10. I think you are making the safesty decision to protect yourself. Freedom of Speach also equates to freedom to sue if you don't like what someone says.

    Reading your blog and other Adoptee blogs, digesting what is written-- it isn't easy for an aparent-- but it has opened my eyes to a lot of really dumbass things I have said and though regarding adoption.

    I have and still feel defensive when I read some posts-- but I have learned to look at myself and seek out why whatever I read makes *me* feel that way-- what is it about *me.*

    I think it helps me grow.

  11. I was never a blog of shame award recipient but I know you "visited" my blog a couple of years ago. And honestly? Looking back, I really could have been a recipient! I have learned so much in the past few years. And although I don't always agree with everything you have to say, there is a lot I do agree with *gasp*. And? I realized I don't necessarily have to agree but I absolutely do have to read, learn and respect all opinions in regard to adotpion.I wasn't a big fan of the "shaming" part, but I agreed with a lot you posted and cringed thinking back to a lot of things I said and did!

  12. Kelli..

    Thank you stopping by my blog and being so willing to read and learn from me and other adoptees. You don't have to agree with everything, I'd probably think you were crazy if you did. ;)

  13. As long as the blog still goes on. Perhaps you could choose an AP or PAP blog and focus on the issues it brings up without specifically speaking about that particular blogger. It's not the APs and PAPs as people that most of us are against, it is the mindsets and the assumptions, the concepts. And you could link to a few blogs per post. I don't believe linking to someone else's blog is illegal.

    Keep fighting the good fight.


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