Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On The Brink

My girl's going to be in sixth grade tomorrow.  Middle school. 

Let's just sit with that one for a few moments, shall we?




Sorry, I had to breathe into a paper bag...was hyperventilating there for a second.

When I went to middle school, I had to wear my sister's hand me downs (not that there is anything wrong with hand me downs, but when your sister had to wear "the wrong" kind of clothes, and you get to wear them four years later, things are bound to start off badly.  I also still had my ugly ass glasses...and the lamest haircut known to man, woman, child and poodle.  Sigh. 

I think back to those horrible years and then I look at Madelyn with her long, brown hair, face full of cute freckles, eyelashes that which even Snufflelupagus would be jealous...and I'm happy.  But what's even better?  She's happy.  She's everything that I wanted to be...and that means the world.

Does that make me sound shallow?  I don't mean to sound that way.  I just mean that I always wanted to be one of the "cool kids"..and I don't mean one of the cheerleaders or jocks...I mean that I wanted to be confident.  I wasn't...Madelyn is.  It's pretty awesome to watch her grow. 

My a-mother called me on the way home from work...this is how THAT went:

Me:  Hello?

AMom:  Hi!  Just calling to see what time the kids are getting on the buses tomorrow? 

Me:  Well, Maddie catches the bus at 6:50 and Chase's bus comes at 8:10. 

AMom:  Wow, Maddie has to leave early, huh?  Well, do you mind if I come over and take pictures of them getting on the bus?

Me:  (short pause)  Ummmm, so, I don't think Chase would mind if you took a picture of him getting on the bus but I doubt Maddie is going to want us to snap a photo of her leaving for middle school..(nervous laugh).

AMom:  (long pause)  Oh...OH..right!  Well, how about I come earlier and we can take some pictures in the driveway?

Me:  (huge sigh of relief)  Sounds good..we can have coffee after Maddie leaves, while we wait for Chase's bus.

AMom:  Great!  See you then!

Dodged THAT bullet.  Sheesh. 

And yes, I'll post the pictures tomorrow for you all. *wink*


  1. My youngest started 7th grade last week (start of Middle School). I handled it better than I thought I would...I'm just having a hard time with this 'boyfriend' thing.

  2. Oh those mile stones are soooo tough! It's gotta feel good thought that you have been the kind of parent that has helped Maddie to be the confident, happy girl that she is. Ironically, I was a very unconfident, uncool kid and my parents could never really understand. I too find my greatest joy in watching them step out happily into the world.

  3. Christina, I understand. I don't have kids but I definitely plan to give them everything I never had. I didn't take your comment as shallow. I'd be proud too.

  4. OK, I just have to say that I love that you tagged this post "ugly ass glasses." I actually snort-laughed.
    I can so relate. I also have a daughter who just started 6th grade, and she's so freakin' beautiful and confident. I was an awkward ugly mess at that age. Ugly ass glasses. Ugly brown school shoes. Ugly short haircut that my mom though was "cute." All that plus the usual set of adoption-related hang ups. It wasn't pretty!


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