Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two: Holy Crap, Really?

Apparently I'm back in the game  I was going to write one HCR post a week but the blogs/sites keep falling in my lap.

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I was perusing my Google Reader yesterday, right after I wrote my last post, and came across this gem.

Actually, I could just post the title of the post, "You Know You Are Ready to Start Thinking About Maybe the Possibility of Adoption When…" (Holy Crap, Really?) and leave it at that but I'll choose some of the items from the list and go from there.

You find yourself noticing families that don’t obviously match and wonder if they were created by adoption.
Holy Crap, Really?  Yeah, actually I do the same thing...and then I think about the child and weep.

You make note that these families act kind of like other families.
Holy Crap, Really?  Funny how necessity is the mother of invention.

You make a second note that these families, especially the parents, look happy.
Holy Crap, Really?  Wait...WHAT???

When you hear of a tragedy in another country, such as the Haitian earthquake, rather than just thinking “How sad”, you think “Hey, there may be kids who need parents, and here we are parents-in-the-waiting who need kids. Humm, I wonder???”
Holy Crap, Really?  YOU DON'T NEED KIDS.  Period..end of story.

Just the tiniest little piece of you is more curious than afraid of the thought of adopting, while the rest of you is still terrified and feels like adoption would be giving up.
Holy Crap, Really?   Wow.  At least this person is honest, right?

You start to find those lists of famous adopted people fascinating Who knew that Steve Jobs and Faith Hill were adopted? They even seem pretty normal.
Holy Crap, Really?  "They even seem pretty normal."  Oh, what, as opposed to all of us angry, bitter adoptees floating around the blogosphere??


  1. Hold on to your babies, east coast! Irene could be the perfect excuse for people to come swoop in on your babies!

  2. What I'm blogging is
    A well deserved award.

  3. "Who knew that Steve Jobs and Faith Hill were adopted? They even seem pretty normal."

    Words escape me, except that this has to be a serious contender for adoption-related quote of the year. Holy crap, indeed!

  4. I'm someone who is looking into adoption and those kind of statements piss me off.

    If *anyone* ever tells me that adoption is "giving up", I'm going to punch them square in the mouth.


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