Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Princess Has Arrived

The call came in the morning.  My adoptive mother answered the phone...hearing their case worker telling her that they had a baby girl, just six days old, arriving at the agency that afternoon.

She immediately called my afather at work and told him to come home.  Many more calls were made to family, friends and neighbors...telling them of the blessed event.  But, horrors!, they weren't ready!  The crib wasn't put together...having been taken apart once my asister grew out of it...no clothes, no diapers..no bottles..nothing..not even a name.

Once my father arrived home, the neighbors took off and started shopping...for the clothes, the diapers, the bottles..the name would have to come later. 

The trio, mother..father..and four year old sister, set off for the agency...only to find out that the wee one wouldn't make her appearance for another hour or so.  They had lunch..and went back to sit in the waiting room.  Minutes dragged by until finally, the baby was brought in and taken away.

Arriving at the family's home, it was clear that a crowd had gathered to gawk at the newest resident on the street.  A sign was posted outside the house..only making it that much more evident that the child didn't have a name.  It was, in fact, the same sign that had greeted the first child to the house four years earlier...but now, instead of it saying, "Welcome Home Baby W #1"..it said, "Welcome Home Baby W #2".

An impromptu baby shower was then thrown in the living room.  The shopping trip that the neighbors had embarked on hours earlier was now coming to fruition.  The men folk began putting the crib together while the women oohed and ahhed over the child. 

The child that for the first two weeks of her life was known as Princess....because she still didn't have a name.


  1. My "arrival" to my ap's sounds similar. I have one picture of me that day,sitting on my a Aunts lap, and I look terrified as hell. My a Mom said there were at least 75 people there. Hey, wait a minute...I have always said my ap's never had a stupid "Gotcha Day" party....maybe they did. :(

  2. You were a gorgeous little princess though! That is my daughter's nickname because she is totally and completely about all things princess. Though we had a name chosen long before she arrived. :-) We got caught a bit unawares with readiness too because we thought we were matching in the spring with my daughter and it was the week before Yule that she came to us. My youngest son was born 7 wks early and likewise we had somethings but not others. (and then none of the things we did have fit cuz he was so tiny.) Your aparents are kind of weird (sorry) but that level of unpreparedness is sort of understandable. I learned with my first son that doing too much ahead was just heartache as it was an empty room for 15 months instead of a few months as we thought. As I watched him grow out of the thinsg we had purchased, and got reports of his illnesses, having that beautiful nursery ready was like a knife in the heart.


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