Friday, July 16, 2010

Love and Compassion..They Do A Body Good

Sometimes the Grown In My Heart site triggers my sensitive adoptee self...and I stay away from reading the posts, for months at a time, because I just can't subject myself to the heartache.

Today, I rejoiced.  Read this post..written by Tonggu Momma in May of 2010.  It touched my heart.  I needed that today.


  1. I am so glad, Christina. Thank you so much... your words humble me.

  2. Really? I am surprised.

    I just can't deal with the "God" talk in adoption. Its not that I am not a Christian, I am. Its the interpretation that chaps my butt. God didn't call anyone to adopt. Its just a line paps and ap's like to use to justify adopting. Its so silly.

  3. {{{Linda}}} I guess I forced myself to kind of "ignore" the terminology that Tonggu Momma used in regards to the "call to adopt" and the "God healing the adoptee parts".

    It's easier for me to compartmentalize that than it probably is for most. For myself, as an abuse survivor (and probably for most of us adoptees), I learned how to essentially tuck away things that hurt me or caused me grief and learned how to fact, I think that most of my childhood was spent disassociating. Reading the blog post, I was able to acknowledge that while God had no part in my aparents' adopting me or my asister, I wish that they could have recognized that the loss of my natural family was real and couldn't just be swept under the rug.

    I totally get where you are coming from though because if I had read it on a different day, I probably would have raged about it instead of wishing that my aparents' were as open to dealing with loss as some other AP's have been able to become.

    I wasn't trying to diminish the pain that is felt by adoptees..clearly that'll NEVER be my intent. On the day I read the post, I was just feeling like I needed to hear that people are listening on some level..even if it's not quite at the level we hope for.

  4. Thanks, girlfriend! I appreciate you more than you will ever know!


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