Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11th..A Double Edged Sword

Last year I blogged about what July 11th means to's the link to that post:

July 11, 2008 ~ The Day My World Stood Still

A day later and I blogged an entirely different post...

July 11, 2009 ~ The Day The World Stood Still For My Sister

Today has been instead of celebrating my reunion with my natural family...I am grieving for my sister who is still in mourning.


  1. Aww..that breaks my heart, but I am so glad you were able to be there for your sister. ((hugs))

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  4. To Lia..I just deleted your requested.

    I tried to help you with my post, addressed you, on this blog. It was only after I saw that you were incredibly rude to not one, but two of my friends on their blogs that I wrote another post, telling you to basically eff off.

    I'm all for freedom of speech, but honestly, I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish. That's where my anger comes from towards you. And yes, you apologized..but it seemed insincere and "empty". Can you blame me, or the other adoptees for being offended?

    It sounds like you've made your decision to place your child..and that's your right. I came to your blog speaking as the voice of an adoptee..that's it.

    If you don't want comments, then you have the right to censor who can and can't write on your blog. Absolutely, use that right. But if you leave your posts open, be prepared for people to want to put their two cents in. It's the internet..not a private diary..unless you truly block everyone from reading it.

    I don't moderate my comments here..not at all..but it's out of respect for you asking me to delete the comment that I have done so. Please feel free to email, really..I think we could have a good dialogue and maybe start over. (opphiejane at gmail dot com).

  5. My thoughts of love and healing go out to you and your sister. I lost the man I love to a freak car accident in June. *hugs*
    It doesn't seem to get better, you just find more ways to live with it.


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