Monday, July 5, 2010

God's Plan?

My last post, along with the two comments I've gotten so far, has got me thinking.  Some AP's have said that it was God's plan that they adopt.  That is was God's plan for me that I didn't grow up with my natural family and instead grew up with abusive twitch-holes. 

But what of the fact that my afather was sterile?  Couldn't that have also been God's plan?  That God knew the kind of sick, twisted abusive father he'd be and wanted to "cut it off at the pass", so to speak? 

I think Linda said it best.."Plan A is to have your own kid. Plan B is adoption. Guess what?? Our ap's were our plan B, too."


  1. Oh, nice new design.

    I've long been a believer that if you can't have kids, there's a good reason for it. Not necessarily "God's plan", but maybe just evolution. I can't have kids because I'm single... but I shouldn't have kids because of my mental illness anyway, which in turn might also be why I'm single, so it all works out pretty well, I guess. Except the part where I don't get to have kids. :( Evolution's a bitch, I guess.

  2. Thanks Mongoose. I don't have anything else to add, except this:


  3. @SF..I wish I could take credit for it!

  4. I like Linda's quote too. I had never thought of it that way. Just gives me more to think about..::sigh::

  5. I like Linda's quote, too. I had never thought of it that way. Gives me more to think about...::sigh::

  6. So true.Plan B.If we don't have kids maybe we're not suitable parents?

  7. For whatever reason, it appears that Blogger is eating some of your comments..feel free to repost them if yours was one of them! Sorry.. :(

  8. "That is was God's plan for me that I didn't grow up with my natural family"

    Of all the adoption nonsense out there, this is the worst. This comment gives those who buy it license to justify the most egregious behaviors.

    I seriously do not get how someone can actually believe this. Fatalism has never been my thing, but when it becomes the excuse for writing obvious wrongs, it's infuriating.

    Love the new digs!

  9. Hey Mongoose-you're the one that likes owls right? Look at this picture I saw today. I never saw baby owls before.

    Like your template Christina. I've been playing with mine too...

  10. swear, swear, swear, swear. If anyone wants to see the baby owls the link doesn't work if you click on it, you have to copy and paste in a swear, swear browser.

  11. It bleeping worked for me IA..lmao :)..course that could be because I check my comments on my Gmail.

  12. My husband and I hate it when people say things like this to us about our God brought you altogether and now you have your forever family. *gag*
    We mostly hate it because all three of our adoptions were done differently and there were hundreds of choices made along each path. Which agency? Which country? Boy or Girl? Old or young? Black or White? This one or that one? Now or later? I mean one tiny different choice along the way would have landed us with different children. We personally do not believe that God was sitting on our shoulder guiding us the whole way (although we are praying types of people) we just had to make many decision by ourselves based on the information we had at the time and what we thought was best.
    In the end we have a beautiful family with great kids, who ARE our kids because we adopted them....not our kids were out there and we "found" them. There are times when we all wish it could have been different. But we do our best and we love each other and we hope for the best.

    and Christina..your recent posts about abuse are so personal but they resonate with a lot of people I'm sure. Thanks for your courage to tell the truth. May all the abusers rot.


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