Monday, May 3, 2010

Adoption Carnival Seven

Another carnival is going on at Grown In My Heart…this time it's in honor of Mother's Day.


• Post a picture of your mother (the one you most refer to as a mom). This could be your grandmother, your birthmother, your aunt, your sister, your biological mom, your adoptive mom, your best friend, your surrogate mom…Your MOTHER.

• Include a Six-Word-Memoir with the picture describing her/what she means to you.

• Link back to GIMH with Mr. Linky

• If you don’t have a blog you can email your carnival submission to us at pickelfam at yahoo dot com

• If you are not in the adoption community you can STILL enter!

This is a difficult carnival for me…because I have two mothers…and because I feel like I'd be disloyal to one or the other depending on who I chose to show and write about.


Truthfully, while I love my adoptive mother…I'm going to be completely honest here, sometimes I feel like it's because I 'have' to…because I'd appear ungrateful (yuck..hate that word) if I didn't say it. With my natural mother, it's a much more easygoing, laidback relationship…and the love I feel for her is different. It feels more…real…if that makes any sense. And while I know that both of my mothers are real, I have to speak my mind and look deep in my heart to see who my mom is.

Blah blah blah Christina..get to the effing picture, right?

My six word phrase to describe her and what she means to me?

"Life has become a fairy tale…"


  1. Great photo. :) Reading the rules made me feel the same regarding "mother".

  2. Love the picture, but mostly love how you describe the complexity of this exercise, and how what most people view as such a simple thing can be so difficult for an adopted person.

  3. Ditto to what Margie said :) Thanks for sharing! The blue hues so beautifully highlight her face!

  4. ooooh, very interesting. The 6 word thing was SO hard. Well done.

  5. This is as far into the past on your posts I can read today without completely blowing off my obligations. After reading I feel even more honored that you think I might "get it" because well, clearly I still have so much more to get. Obviously I won't agree with you on everything (that would be astounding!) For instance, we still plan to adopt. However, I am committed to learning as much as I can even when it is difficult, and I hope that if I "win" a blog of shame award I will be able to give a 4th type of response--understanding and growth (no promises, but I'll try.) Though I think I would prefer a private e-mail why my words/attitude is offensive--I might not agree, but I want to understand. Rather just not offend, but that I can make no guarantees.

  6. Thank you for commenting Cedar...really. See, the fact that you can acknowledge that you have more to "get" is exactly why I commented on YOUR blog :)

    I appreciate that you are willing to commit to learning all you can...even when, especially when, it's difficult.

    No worries. You're off the Blog of Shame list ;)


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