Friday, May 21, 2010

Remembering Love

My birthday is in 29 days. I'll be 29 for the *ahem* seventh time. When I was a child, birthdays always brought sadness. Oh, I'd play the game…I'd laugh and smile when everyone sang "Happy Birthday", when really, I just wanted to run away, hating to be the center of attention. I remember every year after the party had ended, laying on my bed, looking out at the moon, wondering if "she" was thinking of me. Did she remember being pregnant with me and then leaving me at the hospital?

I got my answer last year. Here is the email that I received while sitting at work…

Good morning!

and yes I remember what day it is. :)

For 35 years I have wished many heartfelt wishes. I've wondered if you were excited, what your cake looked like, even if you were bummed when it fell on a school day, Personally, I hated the fact that I usually got summer clothes for mine. LOL ANYWAY......I didn't want to just be a "comment" on your Facebook when I finally get to say to you.....not telepathically as I have for years.....Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You have been loved and thought of for every day of your 35 years. I have to admit that all of my worrying for years was for are an amazing woman. A great mom, sister, friend, and especially...daughter. I won't claim credit for any of that...but to be a part of your life today makes me happy and full beyond belief.

so...Have a great day, enjoy every second, and know that you are very loved and always have been.

this is where I sing to you in my head, usually...but today I'll sing loud.

I love you.
love, Chriss

I felt more loved in the immediate moments after reading that message than I ever felt before. It was amazing, and I cried on and off all day over it.  (As did my friends and coworkers who were allowed to read it).  I carry that feeling with me every day now. When I'm sad, or angry, or confused, I read that email and am lifted up.


  1. Very sweet. Made me cry. If only..

  2. Lovely lovely letter. I'm glad you have it, and it lifts you up as it does. I hope my kids receive one someday, too.

  3. A beautiful treasure, so happy for you and Happy Birthday!

  4. That is so beautiful. My Rob's bday is early June and we were just talking tonight about how to celebrate. (plans so far involve a mural of a skateboard half pipe with an enlarged photo of him skateboarding into a cake and smushing it! ROFL)

  5. It's getting to where I need a box of Kleenex by my side before I read your blog!!! Sooo sweet. No doubt, something to treasure forever!

  6. WOW!! Such a heartfelt letter Christina. Something to cherish for sure. :)

  7. Oh wow, what a beautiful letter... and yes I am another one who is in tears after reading that.

    Thank you so much for sharing something so special with us Christina... you ARE a remarkable woman, she is so right about that.

    Hugs xxx

  8. That was beautiful! Her love came through so clearly. What a sweet treasure.


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