Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Way Off Topic: My Kids Crack Me Up

Yesterday, after driving home in the rain for an hour, Madelyn met me at the garage door when I pulled in the driveway. 

In that snotty singsong tone of voice that all almost ten year old girls can have, she said, "Chase fell on his bike and got hurt..".  You could tell she wanted to add, "Stupid kid..".  But thankfully she restrained herself and left it at that. 

I walked up the stairs to the bathroom where I could hear my boyfriend coaxing a sobbing Chase into the shower.

"C'mon'll feel better if you get the dirt's that elbow?"

"I-i-it h-h-h-hurts.."..he said while crying unconsolably.  When he realized I was in the room too, he cried even harder and I peeked in to see him in the shower.  He did manage to scrape his elbow in magnificent fashion, and damaged his pride quite a bit too. 

All he would tell me at the time was that he'd fallen off his bike at his friend's house.  I knew, from the way he was avoiding my eyes, that there was more to the story.

After he gingerly got out of the tub, and while he was getting in his jammies, I decided to ask Madelyn if she saw him fall. 

"No..but I know he was riding his bike and holding his umbrella at the same time so he probably couldn't balance.."



  1. Oh my gosh, that is soooo funny! I hope his scrape is better though!

  2. Kids definitely provide their parents with no end of great story content. This is a keeper :)

  3. OMG!!! Ok, you know how our stories are similar and all and I've had MANY MANY OMG moments reading your blog. Well, I just totally had ANOTHER one. Seeing how my almost 9 year old daughter is named Madelyn as well (spelled the same way and I don't think that's way common!!), I am slightly freaked out!! I swear we're like kindred spirits or something! Cute story by the way. I'm off to add to mine.:) **Where are those cute little emotiocons when you need them? ;)


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