Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Would You Have Preferred "Old RatBastard"?

Sorry, couldn't resist.  Perhaps I was a bit mean by titling one of my other blog posts "Self Serving Shitweasels" but I make no apologies for what I write here...after all, it's my blog.  

I responded to a not-so-nice comment in a nice way.  And for that, I'll always be the bigger person.  Sorry Mike, but it's true.

Butttttt...even though I responded politely to his comment, I'd like to pick apart that lovely and thought provoking comment here and add my remaining two cents...because that's my right as a blog owner. 

Dear Shitweasel.

Clever man...you just twisted my own blog title around on me...good job!!  ::dripping with sarcasm:: 

Sorry you had a shitty life, but don't take it out on unsuspecting adoptive parents.

But are you REALLY sorry Mike, or are you just saying that?  And did you just freely admit that you were unsuspecting??

There are far too many kids out there who need a mommy and a daddy for you to come rolling in to take a dump on their parade.

The phrase "take a dump on their parade" just sounds silly and adolescent..surely you could have thought of something a little more powerful..or even just use "shit on" or "fuck with"??  My friends' teenage boys would say something like "dump". 

And really, are  you really be that defensive about your decision to adopt a child from a foreign country?  And can I ask, exactly how it is that a child that was born in that foreign country can suddenly have a United States birth certificate??  I've never understood that...

My sister was adopted and she doesn't feel the need to go around the internet kicking sand in the face of people who are happy to have a child in their life.

Most likely, your sister writes an anonymous blog and writes about how miserable her life has been while kicking sand in the face of people who adopted children via the internet.  Glad to know you're so in touch with your sister's feelings and that you are that close to her that you know exactly what she's going through every minute of every day. 

Knock yourself out trying to prevent adoptions, that is the stupidest thing I've heard of in a long time.
Get therapy if you are so miserable.

I'm not trying to prevent adoptions..unless they are the kind that cause a child to lose all sense of their identity, their original birth certificate and any contact with their natural families.  Ohhh...whoops....

And thanks for the advice about therapy...if you'd actually taken a minute to READ any of my previous posts, you'd see that I AM seeking therapy to deal with my issues.  I hope you can do the same.  It sounds like you need it more than me though.  It's called anger management.  Try it.

And open your comments for everyone to view if you are going to comment on other people's blogs.

Again, my comments are open and viewable...as long as you've posted before.  Now that you've come here and set me straight on why adoption is such a wonderful thing, you're free to comment at will.  

Happy father of an adopted little girl.

It's very telling that you didn't say "Adoptive father of a happy little girl".

~Mike Larkin

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

No thanks...I'll limit any contact with you to this blog...after all, I'd like my entire reading audience to see how great of an adopter you really are!


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