Thursday, September 9, 2010

Think You've Seen It All?

Check out this lovely bit of vomitrociousness.

For Pete's sake, and once we all became defogged we thought Cabbage Patch Kids were offensive?


  1. Ugh. Love the comment from adoptoraptor Mommy.
    "You are missing the point. It is a doll that represents the unique way a family is formed, in this case adoption. Families are “created” in many different ways. The color of hair or skin of the doll doesn’t make a difference. It was the thoughtfulness of the Mattel Company to gift our children with such a beautiful reminder of those special first days as a new family."

    Ummm, no. If Mattel wanted to depict a true reminder of their first days as a family, Ms. Barbie would be wearing Lilly Pulitzer and have a faux Hermes bag stuffed full of cash, and the baby would have a look of absolute terror on HER face.

    The White Swan people and Mattel should be ashamed for profiting from the loss of these children. But not half as ashamed as these people who engaged in child trafficking.

    Sorry, bitches- the color of the skin DOES matter- to the kid.

  2. WTF? That's just...I don't even know what to say to this.

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  4. This one as they say takes the cake.Just wait til they expand the range to cover other adoptees.
    The colour of skin doesn't matter?There's a little dose of colour blindness again.
    Posted on this one a few minutes ago myself, it was too hard not to.

  5. Tell the little Chinese-American girl who, by the age of 5, wanted to get her eyes surgically "fixed," that skin color, hair texture, and race don't matter. (Someone interviewed on an adoption documentary talks about his experience speakig with this little girl).

    Are parents these days really that oblivious and ignorant?

  6. I tried re-posting your blog post on my blog but blogger, per usual, went all wacky.

    Re-posted on Twitter and Facebook instead. How do you find these things? lol.


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