Thursday, September 16, 2010

Courtesy of the Marvelous M

I just commented on M's blog and told her that she's going to be a guest Blog of Shame award writer one of these days.  She's captured the emotion and horror that we all feel reading some of the blogs that are out there in cyberspace.

Thanks M.


  1. But, you know what? Charging $20,000-40,000 to add to our family is robbery….We are only so willing to pay X amount of money for future children. It’s such an unfair moral dilemma that adoptive families are thrown into.”

    I think it is immoral to buy people to begin with...we feel like we are owned not taken to be cared for. It isn't a compliment to any of us. Not that the fucking Adoption Agencies care about how we feel or anything LoL....

  2. Thanks, Christina. :) Once I am done with this silly degree in the spring, I would be honored to help out.

  3. Melynda makes me think on a regular basis. I wish I had more time to write these days. But as M said, once school is done!

  4. I've been reading your site on and off for a year. It makes me think about the other side of adoption. I got a question Christina. What do you think about Donor sperm /egg. I've been reading websites where many couples are doing this to become parents.


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