Friday, August 6, 2010

Unblock Me: A Plea For Help

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No seriously..something's wrong with me.  I keep avoiding the issue in the hopes that my emptiness will ease, but it's not working.  I don't know what to say.  I'm not sure what to think.  I don't want to go on a vacation from my blog but really, WTF. 

I'm good at reading everyone's blogs...good at thinking, "Wow, I wish I'd written that..".  I want to give something back to my readers..not just fluffy posts about writer's block. 

I'm hoping that this week will help me clear out the cobwebs and get back to the business of telling my story...back to the reason I started this blog in the first help others.  So, I'm reaching out to you guys.  What do you want to know about me?  If we were sitting down together, having a cup of coffee, what would you ask?

Call this post my own personal Formspring.  I'll answer your questions in later posts...

God knows what the hell I'll do if no one


  1. Well, I am glad that I stumbled here.

    I am a writer and I know writer’s block like the back of my hand.
    I am also an AP...Who started the adoption process without knowing that those letter would be my tag...A and a P....for me that used to be a grocery store that we frequented as a child. Hey, let’s head over to the A & P for eggs and milk.

    I digress...what would I ask if we were chatting over a cup of coffee?
    Tell me about you when you were 10. Not quite a little girl...not yet a teen...what were your dreams? Did those dreams come true? Did your dreams change as you entered your teen years? If so, why did they change?

    If you could travel back in time and talk to yourself...what would you say? What words would you use to comfort your 10 year old self?

    10 years old was a hard age for me. I am interested in how it played out for you...and anyone else who is reading along.

  2. Hey you always write so well and so much that you've got to have a break and recharge those batteries some time.Look on it as a necessary holiday.
    Did you try "Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way"?
    What would I ask you over coffee?
    Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? 20 years time?
    What adoption reforms would you like to see happen?
    What is your most precious dream?
    I could go on...course you got comments, we love you!

  3. I second the comment that you write very well. So if you need some r and r, we all (I am sure) understand. What I might ask if we chatted over coffee would be how has your childhood informed how you parent your children today? I would ask this because although I am not adopted I had a very um odd family dynamic and found myself doing lots of sifting and casting out of things when I wanted to be a parent.

    Enjoy your vaca, BTW. I am going camping in about a week and a half and I can't wait!

  4. I say you do another "Blog of Shame" award. Im thinking the NCFA blog. Write something about Chuckie.

  5. Hi Christina!!

    I haven't got much I can say right now as I am in rut myself BUT just wanted to let you know I always love what you have to say.

    I love your blog of shame award posts, they are always great... maybe a follow up on some of them if you have any new details?

    Just write from your heart... sometimes we need a break and then revisit. Don't worry too much, you will be inspired when you are ready :)

    Lots of love coming your way,
    Myst xxx


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