Monday, April 23, 2012

You Could Have Been A...

Dumpster Baby.

I think the blog author believes that she's funny.

I find her horrifying.

I looked at her very first post...I wish I hadn't.

"i am baby crazed. i eat, sleep, drink, smoke babies. i am babysitting for friends and spying on my next door neighbor who just had a baby. They didn't have a finished basement in august when we moved in. since august they have finished their basement which is now a nursery and have had a baby. I haven't SEEN this baby, but I hear him waaaaaah waaaaaahing in that newborn way in the alley while I am smoking, they live in the house next door to our apartment building. I want a baby. I pray for a dumpster baby so i won't actually have to have a baby. i am too lazy to go through the whole adoption process and I just want to happen upon a discarded baby so i can take him in."
Oh hell.  She's got a FB page too.


  1. Rarely are there times where I feel speechless......this is one of those times.

  2. What puzzles me is the amount of likes she has on FB. How can anyone think that is humor is way beyond my comprehension. Wow...

  3. *SMH* I have no words... except, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!

  4. I have 2 friends in my personal life that know and follow the woman on this blog, one of them being my sister-n-law. Every time I see them commenting on her facebook wall, I wonder wth is wrong with them. How can they not see the name of her blog and not be offended.

  5. Hi. I am I Want a Dumpster Baby. If you will look at my blog for for than a heartbeat (look at my about me) and see why it's called that, and what I'm about I would hope you are human enough to admit you rushed to judgement. If you want to judge a book by it's cover, literally, go ahead. But I think you might find we have way more in common than you think. It's not in my nature to be super offended and alienate people, I would like to think you might do the same with me. Thank you for your time. Katy

  6. Katy,

    I guess I'm wondering what exactly you want me to read that will change my mind on how offensive it is to an adoptee to see someone write that they "want a dumpster baby".

    I have been told countless times by many adoptive and potential adoptive parents that I should be grateful I wasn't tossed in a dumpster or aborted. Whether you thought you were being funny or not, it's hurtful and shameful.

    By titling your blog "I Want A Dumpster Baby", you HAVE offended and alienated the vast majority of the people who make up my readership here.

    Again, what exactly can you say to change my mind?

  7. ok, I respect that. I am only responsible for what I put out there, not how you react to it. I cannot imagine what that must feel like. I won't try. I never meant to offend. I only mean it in a way that I love rescues. But I appreciate your view absolutely. Most who know and read my blog know me as absolutely compassionate and loving to all. I appreciate the dialogue. I know some people have issue with the name of the blog, but I stand behind it. I would absolutely love a dumpster baby. People who would say those things to you are monsters. I am not. You don't have to like me, but I needed to defend myself just as I'm sure you would want to if you found a bunch of people talking about you on another site.

  8. There are no authoritative statistics on the number of abandoned newborn babies. In 1998, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found, by compiling reports from newspapers around the country, that 105 newborns had been abandoned--33 of them were found dead.

    So what you are saying is that you support women killing their children or throwing them out like trash? I truly hope you rethink the title of your blog and do some research about being abandoned and its effect on the person.

  9. "You don't have to like me, but I needed to defend myself just as I'm sure you would want to if you found a bunch of people talking about you on another site."

    Good. Because we do not. And people talk about "us" all the time, because we stand up to assholes like you.

    You do realize that there just are not many "dumpster babies" out there, right? And for you to want that to happen to a child proves you are not fit to parent ANY baby. I hope social services where you live finds your blog and flags you. Stranger things have happened to baby hungry shebeasts in blog land. Some people are just not meant to be parents. you should probably listen to the universe and rescue a dog.

  10. I tried to handle this like an adult and be respectful. Clearly name calling is your game. I won't do it.

  11. The thought of any human being thrown into a dumpster is upsetting and horrifying to me. I don't know how any decent person could possibly make light of it, much less wish for it to happen in their immediate vicinity. It might not be such a big deal if babies where never found in dumpsters, but they are. There are real victims of this crime, and I'm sure they would take your stupid and insensitive screen name the way I and other victims take rape and child molestation jokes. Why don't you yell some racial slurs and joke about the Holocaust while you're at it? Or maybe we should go and make a post joking about infertility and how people who can't have babies of their own were never meant to parent? Would that maybe make you see why people would be offended by your desire for some distressed, mentally ill young mother to throw her defenseless infant in the garbage so you can have someone else's baby without the burden of having to answer questions about his or her history?

  12. "Kitkatkootie said...
    I tried to handle this like an adult and be respectful. Clearly name calling is your game. I won't do it."

    I'm sorry, but calling children "dumpster babies" is respectful and acting like an adult?

    Hello Pot, meet Kettle.

  13. Very disturbed all day. Very upsetting. I too hope someone turns you in- and you are questioned by the authorities and not able to bring a child into your madness.

  14. "I would absolutely love a dumpster baby."


  15. It's a tragedy for a baby to end up in a dumpster in the first place, and humans ARE NOT TRASH. You taking the baby out of the trash to "repurpose" or "save" them is not what makes them human. A "dumpster baby" is a baby that has lost his or her family and heritage. Abandonment is heartbreaking, and not to be encouraged. It's shitty to have people tell us that this is what we deserve, or we are "lucky" to have escaped it.

    It is very sad that society in general finds the concept of wanting a dumpster baby funny and wonderful, but I find the cackling unsurprising. Babies without histories are part of the wet dreams of morally bankrupt PAPs.

  16. OMG, She is like the BEST PAP evah! Way to represent! Oh I think I peed mahself a bit there. Holy cow, this cow only eats entitled, organic grass. I think I saw her at the grocery store screeching at the butcher that she only wants the best meat,the MOST organic because she is giving it to a BBAAAAAYYYBBEEEEE.

    I wanted to be all, "Organic just means it has carbon in it,and also, pesticides travel, ever heard of ye olde wind, and also, if you don't know what grass-fed means lower your dumbass voice"

    But the younger, cuter butcher just rolled his eyes at me, I smiled at him.

    Hey guys, she is trying to "be respectful" lol. OMG, move over MAC, we got ourselves a contender!

    I was thinking, what am I in Portland but it was "I am so desperate to be hip Kookie-She-Who-Smears-Paps" She is a gift to us all.

  17. She has Bird earrings,for reals! Oh could she try any harder?

    Love it, 40 + check, forgot to have a baby check, thinks she now has fertility issues instead of scrambled eggs. Has the emotional development of a chubby eleven-year-old.

    She is Christmas come early.

  18. @ Linda, I am so sure!

    My vote is no mammals of any kind. You know she should just make videos of herself and watch them on continual loop which reminds me of rammenstein kitties because yes! Let her watch herself all day long, she would be in ecstacy.

    I mean she has bird earrings!!!

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  20. Well there's a courageous PAP calling in to defend the indefensible.

  21. Crazy people.I had enough just reading that bit you shared, No way that I'll be clicking to her blog and give her extra traffic! lol!
    What the heck!

  22. Wow. That is so ridiculously offensive, I don't even know what to say.


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