Monday, April 9, 2012

I'd NEVER Win Your Contest, Huh?

I'm mad right mad, in fact, that I'm writing twice in one day when my blog posting has been sporadic at best lately. 

There's this poll that you can vote on...did you know about it?  It's run by Circle of Moms and it's to vote on the Top 25 Blogs by Moms.  It's for mom bloggers who write about adoption and foster parenting. 

So far so good?

Amanda from The Declassified Adoptee and Claudia from Musings of the Lame are in contention still...but the Powers That Be over at Circle of Moms have decided that Cassi...sweet, beautiful Cassi of AdoptionTruth needs to be silenced and have taken her out of the competition.

See, they rigged their contest.  It's open to adoptive parents, foster parents, adult adoptees, birthmothers, etc. etc.'s the issue...and why they kicked Cassi so unceremoniously to the curb. They only want bloggers who talk about adoption in a positive and supportive manner.  ::insert projectile vomiting here:

I'm glad that Amanda and Claudia are still fighting the good fight and getting the word out...but I'm sad that anyone else who disagrees with adoption as it stands now are always being seen as pariahs.

Sorry Circle of've got it all wrong.  Shame on you. 

I'm an adult adoptee.  I'm a mom.  And I'm positive that I don't support adoption.  Can I be on your list?


  1. Business as usual for the self-serving a-moms. Can't say I'm surprised. I'll be more surprised if they allow either Amanda or Claudia to win fairly. Shows what they really think of adoptees. We'll be seeing their children at our forum in ten years or so.

  2. I know Beth. I am literally sick to my stomach.

  3. Awesome post Christina! I would vote for your blog any day over most of the rainbows and unicorn blogs they have listed. Wonder what will happen to Amanda and Claudia if they get to the top? This is clearly rigged. Good work!!

  4. Once Amanda or Claud begin to get to the top, I'm sure they will also be removed from the voting.

    Didn't this group originally leave out the blogs of adoptees and the moms of adoption loss in the first place? I think they were only added because of Amanda's asking...

  5. <3

    iadoptee and Peach are still there too. Why someone felt the need to delineate and punish Cassi is beyond me.

  6. Let's start our own Top 25 & when all the ap's start polling well, we can pull the rug out from under them - "oh, I'm sorry this competition is only for non-douchenozzles - did we forget to mention that?"

  7. There is a cult of motherhood in the US that makes one a saint for being a mother, and a god if one is an adoptive mother. No need to actually be good at motherhood, of course, the title alone is sufficient for deification.

    I saw a TV show where there was some baby "dedication" going on (don't ask me exactly what that means, I never heard of it before I saw this). The minister welcomed baby-mama into the "elite sisterhood of motherhood." With 7 billion people on the planet can the sisterhood be terribly elite?

    BTW, I voted for Cassi when she was still on the list, as well as all our other adoptee and mother blogs. I can't believe they would summarily dismiss her in that way.

    Oh wait, yes I can.

  8. Christina,

    I just want to say thank you for this. I can never truly tell you how much it meant to read this on that first night. I am so grateful that I was given the chance to get to know you and have you as a part of my life.

    1. I cherish you are amazing. I love knowing that I can sketch out from blogging for months, come back and have my friends welcome me back with open arms. <3 you.


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