Saturday, September 3, 2011

Calm, Cool and Cat Hair Free

I've had the night to think about the events of the past week and have decided that since what I set out to do was ultimately accomplished, I  need to move on and stop getting myself worked up about the situation.  Because of that, I've edited the two posts I had written about the cat hair debacle and saved them as drafts. 

What I *should* have done yesterday instead of letting myself get goaded into a fight was to just say, "There are Chase's clothes...Here is a box he can use for his clothes while he's at your house...if B needs to speak to me, he can call or email."  And just gotten in my car and left.  THAT would have been the "bigger person" thing to do.

Instead I found myself getting defensive for not wanting my son to bring cat hair home after a weekend at his father's house.


Back to your regularly scheduled Christina very


  1. It must be something in the air. I am sure you read about my big fat parenting fail with my ex. (((Hugs))) being sent your way.


  2. I can't personally relate to sharing custody of a child with an ex, but I definitely can see where things could get really hairy.

    Knowing my temper I may have reacted before thinking it though.... good luck and keep breathing!


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