Thursday, July 7, 2011

Storm The Castle

Yesterday, after I got home from work dark storm clouds rolled into town. They danced angrily in the sky, swirling and breathing strong winds through the air. You all know the story of my issues with thunderstorms and why they bother me so much...but strangely, I didn't panic like I usually do.

Instead, I went for a drive and drove up to an apple orchard, high on a hill.

I didn't freak out people...I didn't freak out.


  1. Cool that you didn't freak out--VERY cool pictures. Might know that apple orchard too! :-)

  2. Amazing pictures and very pleased you didn't freak out!

  3. Yay Christina!! The past stayed where it belonged so you could enjoy Mother Nature in her glory.

    (Although from the looks of those clouds I hope you were at least a little concerned about the storm!)


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