Monday, July 18, 2011

This, That and The Other Thing

Life’s been quiet the past few weeks.  The third anniversary of my first contact with my natural mom has come and gone.  She’s still in Delaware with my grandfather but might (fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes are crossed for luck) come home for a week soon.  Haven’t been talking much with my natural dad though.  He and his wife were busy taking care of her grandson for awhile and then were going on vacation.  Still feeling a little hurt that he didn’t remember my birthday but that’s just how it goes I guess. 

Spent the weekend with my friend from work and her twin daughters, along with my two cherubs.  Went to the pond near her house on Saturday…managed to avoid getting sunburned even though we ran out of sunblock after the four kids and Robin were doused in it.  I was skeered there for a little bit because normally I can only be out in the sun for ten minutes before I look like a 

On a brighter note, it’s been five months since I’ve received any child support from Chase’s father…until last week when I finally got something.  Although, if you take the $87.20 that was deposited and divide that by 5 months (roughly 20 weeks), that works out to be $4.36 a week.  Whatever.  No, really…whatever.  I don’t bother getting upset about it anymore.  It’s up to the Department of Revenue to deal with now.  And from the correspondence I’ve been having with the DOR lately, things are catching up to my ex. ::shrug::  Again, whatever.  If I get money for Chase, great.  If not, it’s fine.  I have tons of other stuff to worry the fact I need more  I just show up for the drop offs/pick ups with a smile on my face and know that being civil to him and to his wife is the best gift I can give Chase. I do have to admit that I was snippy in an email thread my ex and I had the other day.  See, he’s a SAHD to his two other daughters, younger than Chase, and was saying that he had gone on a field trip with the kindergarten to the fire department and how great it was to be able to see things like that through a child’s eyes.  Now, I agree…but was feeling a bit snarky at that particular moment and retorted, “Sadly, working full time Monday through Friday doesn’t give me time to go on field trips with the kids…nice you got to go though.”  Sigh.  Not my finest moment but I was  (This was NOT a jab at any SAHParents in my viewing audience…but if you have children you need to be supporting, sitting at home and not providing is just plain wrong).

Ugh..rant over.

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  1. Considering how much he *should* be paying and the fact that he isn't AND stays home with his new fam---I think you were way more civil than I would have been!


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