Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time To Change My Age In My Profile

its my birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

::giggle::  Sorry guys, couldn't resist.

Had a great day today.  Dropped off Chase with his father...he was sad that he was going to be gone today but my ex and I share the same birthday and this was his scheduled weekend..not to mention the fact that it's Father's Day tomorrow.  Told him we'd celebrate on Monday when he gets home so he was okay.

Went and got my nails one and only guilty pleasure..and then did a little shopping at Old Navy (okay, so the nails thing is ONE of my guilty  Spent the afternoon putting together my nmom's birthday present.  I'm giving her a photo album with a bunch of my baby pictures since she never got to take any of me. 

The only hiccup came when the guy at the photo place asked me why I was taking a trip down memory lane with all the pictures and I told him the truth.  He said, "Wow, that's really creepy that she found you on the internet..aren't you pissed at her?  I mean, if you grew up with a great family, isn't she intruding on that?"  I looked him square in the eyes and said, "See, I DIDN'T grow up in a great family.  And regardless of whether I did or didn't, she's my mother."  I paid for the pictures and hightailed it out of there before I kicked him in the nuts said something unkind. 

Met my afamily for dinner..opened presents and Steven, Maddie and I headed out for a ride.  I was driving and he told me to head to one of the shopping plazas in the area.  Ended up at Best Buy, where he proceeded to help me pick out my present from him.  A new camcorder!  I've been wanting one for awhile.  It's difficult to videotape Maddie's concerts in one minute increments on my digital camera so this will be great for that!

Tomorrow I'm packing up Madelyn and we're heading out to Gloucester for the Pirate Faire (my n-uncle's picture is the top one on the right in the link).  My n-uncle is one of the actors performing during the day and since Chase got to go last year, it's my girl's turn this year.  We'll meet up with my Chriss, Cate and some of their friends...just have to remember to pack the sunscreen. Lol..I'm still peeling from the sunburn I got three weeks ago at the beach. 

Sorry for all the babbling...hope everyone's having a great weekend!

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  1. Hey sweet girl
    Just noticed that I missed your birthday - swear to God, I am such a space cadet at the moment. Anyway, just wanted to say happy birthday and I hope you had an awesome day.
    Love you,


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