Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gentleness, Emails and Snickers

Hmmm…work or or blog…I know, BLOG!

I'm going to say this gently for all of my readers..because you should know by now that I love you all dearly. You're like an extended family…lol..that makes THREE families under my belt ;)

I know the comments within my last couple of posts got really heated..and at times, personal. I'm all for freedom of speech and freedom of expression..but not at the expense of someone's identity. I don't agree with Mongoose..except VERY rarely..I think she'd concur on that point. But as a child, having been mocked relentlessly about my weight, my glasses, my clothes, my hair, my everything, I know how painful that can be to hear.

I spent the bulk of my childhood "losing" my voice because I didn't want to be seen..I don't want that to happen to anyone else. Least of all, my beloved readers..regardless of whether we agree on certain points or not.

Express yourselves…comment to your heart's content…but can we ease up on the personal bits? Please? For me?

Moving on…

Saturday is the day. The big 3-6. I don't say that to get a ton of birthday wishes…just stating that it's coming and furious. Last week I noticed that my amother was being a bit cold to me on the phone and then just went MIA. Friday, she took Madelyn for her weekly sleepover night at Grammy's and I was able to find out what got her panties in a bunch on Saturday.

Here's the conversation:

Her: So, did you get my email? (said in a terse voice)

Me: No, what email? (genuinely confused)

Her: I sent you an email and you didn't respond.

Me: Which email address did you send it too?

Her: I don't know, whichever one you gave me! (agitated)

Me: My work one, my Gmail one or my AOL one? (annoyed but trying not to show it)

Her: It wasn't your work one..and I don't know what Gmail is (Maddie giggled at this point and I had to give her "The Look"), so it was probably AOL.

Me: That's the email address that I've told you I never check anymore.

Her: Oh! (brightening up considerably) I thought you were just ignoring me!  Well, I was just writing to find out what you wanted for your birthday. 


Madelyn: (snicker)


  1. Agreed with you on the personal attacks. I was really upset by that and had to go take a break. For the record, I like Mongooses hair! It helps that purple is a favorite color of mine.

    I hope nothing I said came across came across as a personal attack(other then the one I apologized for).

    I still use AOL,gmail is too confusing to me.

  2. That totally wasn't directed at anyone in particular 'Nee. No worries :) I just had to put it out there. I was speaking to myself just as much as anyone who comments here.

  3. Honestly I thought the one about eyebrows was hilarious. I mean, WTF? I know the hair doesn't agree with everyone, but it's the first I heard of judging someone by their eyebrows. It cracks me up. :)

    And I think we've been agreeing more and more lately. :)

  4. Know nothing of the hair and eyebrows stuff but happy just gets better!

  5. Don't worry I know it wasn't directed at anyone in particular!

    Happy Birthday(belated anyway!)


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