Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Is What Got My Panties In A Bunch

Just in case anyone doubted me when I blogged below about 'jewinthesun'..I was able to google her site, even though it's private now, and am pasting her words for all to see...

Stork Free

The Anti-Adoption Movement

January 22, 2010

Yes, there is one, and here was my reply to one idiot’s blog posting. I can’t believe these people exist, but there’s a reason most adoptions fail:

I am usually the type of person that leaves people to their own opinons, but the vitriol in your post is maniacal at best. Sounds like you’re an extremely bitter adoptee who could use some serious emotional counseling to come to terms with your adoption. Birth has nothing to do with parenthood. For every story you throw out there, there are a hundred more of abused, unwanted children being raised by parents who had no business having children. Any state agency can tell you that. Have you ever been through the adoption process? Ever experienced infertility? Ever just decided to adopt because you wanted to give a child a better life than foster care? I don’t believe the answer to any of my questions will be “yes.” Your parents that raised you must be so proud of your disregard. Adoption is not a baby business, so it would behoove you to do some research. Adoption costs are tied to legal fees, social services, background checks. The black market baby days of the 1950’s are long over. I worked for an adoption agency, and I never saw anyone forced to give up their children, railroaded into the decision, or anything of the like. What I did see were scared young women who felt like they could not raise a child making a very unselfish decision to try and give their baby a life they could not provide. We all go through things in life in which we’re told to be grateful things aren’t worse. It’s life, and no one chose to be born. What we can do is make the best of it, and play the cards we’re dealt. You attempting to stop other people from placing their babies or people from adopting won’t change the fact that you were adopted, no matter how hard you try.

Her words really speak for themselves, don't they?  Is it any wonder I couldn't contain myself from commenting??


  1. Cricket -

    you and I have had this conversation before - you know my take - you cannot label all adoption as bad and this woman does not get a pass to label them all as good. It's much to complex a situation for that. Her assumptions and personal attacks do nothing to bolster her arguements certainly.

    She is unbelievably naive if she really believes that woman and girls are never being pressured or coerced and that agencies are not in it for the money.

    You know I absolutely believe that there are adoptions that happen that are in the best interest of the child involved. I also believe that our current system of adoption sucks royal and those cases often happen in spite of the system as it currently exists not because of it.

  2. Wow. What did your comment say? Just curious why she is so wound up.

  3. Are you sure she was responding to you? and not another comment?

  4. Hi JM...I know that she was blogging about someone else's blog/comment. I commented on her post and got the response that I blogged about here:

  5. She worked for an agency and stated "what I did see were scared young women who felt like they could not raise a child..."

    Why not empower those scared woman and help them grow into strong, fearless mothers who feel like they CAN raise a child? Oh, because she worked for an ADOPTION agency - need to keep the product flowing. Empowering pregnant woman to excel at motherhood is not part of their mission statement.

  6. Bwahahaha "the Black Market days of the 1950's are long over. Yes they are there were replaced by the Black Mrket Days of the 60' then the 70's, the 80's, 90's and now 2000's. she is absolutely right those days are over, we are much more cunning and sophisticated now. She only was scared young women who could not raise a child. No she saw what she wanted to see and that was $$$$$$$$. If not perpetually frightened out of their wits by their peers, those same women would have gone on to be excellent mothers. It's the fear of God that makes them weak and ashamed, and that my friend is still used today on those who choose to believe it.

  7. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Though I know not all adoptions have happy endings, I do believe that adoptions can be a wonderful thing if done for the right reasons. I personally have a friend that was adopted, always suspected it, but never found out the truth until she was an adult. Even now, her parents pretend like it never happened and it is sad.
    I am happy though that are people like you out there that are passionate about adoptee rights. People need to know the truth about adoption, both good and bad.


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