Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Open Letter To "POWERDAD"


First of all, for someone who is in college, you have really bad spelling and grammar.

I had to stop myself from lunging at the screen with the repeated misuse of “they’re” and “your”, not to mention the spelling errors.  But I digress.

You rant and rave about women you’ve come across on posts and forums who are asked to tell “her story”.

That’s right, it’s “her story”, not YOUR story. 

From the sounds of it, your adopted childrens’ mother was not in a good place when they were taken from her.  And I don’t think you will find many people out there (adoptees/natural mothers) who would say, “Who cares if she was a drug addict and neglected the kids, they should stay with her!”.  If that’s what you think, then you clearly aren’t paying attention.

Who are you to say, however, that the stories you read on the blogs/forums WEREN’T the truth for those women that you so nonchalantly label as “Pathetic”?  You think that investigating into the stories you have read would all reach the same conclusion of the women being “complete fuck ups”.  That's just sad.  We all live our truths.  We all have to bear the burden of what life has offered us individually.  

The probable reason for you being upset that your “dissenting opinion” wasn’t allowed through was because you may have come off as disrespectful and not thinking about the fact that you were writing about real people. 

Real mothers who have real stories.

Have a little compassion.

An adoptee who has HER own story as well


  1. Yeah, I just ran across this adoptive dad today. Pathetic.

  2. Great response.

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling that man is so delusional and sick in his twisted thinking, he isn't going to hear anything other than what a wonderful, amazing person he is for saving poor innocent children from a life of hell.


  3. I love you Christina. And this was beautifully done. Of course like Cassi said he cannot and will not hear your words and will lump you in the trashy "bio-mum" category just to shut out your words. Its funny because he has lumped all the persons who have commented on my blog in that category and yet has failed to see I have had comments from adopted adults, adoptive parents and others from outside adoption. Blinkers are on and he is staring straight ahead focussed on some delusion... can't let truth get in the way!


  4. If we haven't already lived through years of this guilt trip as children, a "savior" comes forth to remind us again of our great fortune.

  5. That man spends SO much time and energy attacking first moms that it's clear he has some serious issues. No one hates that hard just for sport--and the simple fact is we hate most in others what we hate most in ourselves.

    He spends an extraordinary amount of time publicly painting himself as some kind of do-gooder/savior--every day, everywhere--which is a sure sign that his past is a twisted, smoking train wreck. A healthy human doesn't feel the need to run from stranger to stranger, grabbing them by their lapels, screaming in their faces that THEY ARE PATHETIC AND HE IS AWESOME!

    I have no time--no room in my life--for his kind. His hateful, arrogance is a facade. His day will come--and it won't be pretty. Fortunately, none of us will have to witness it.

    I do feel sorry for his kids. And it just strengthens my willingness to work for reform. By no standards was he fit to adopt.

  6. :) awww. Ladies please. My ego cant take such tepid lukewarm "rebuttle". Keep grabbing for that brass ring


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