Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Another year has gone by.  Yesterday we marked the 11th anniversary of 9/11.  Today marks the anniversary of my adoptive father's death.

My adoptive mother texted me this morning..

"Thinking of you, Mom"

I wrote back that I was thinking of her too but in actuality, I was trying to not think about anything having to do with my father. 

When I used to go to the cemetery with my mother, sister and our families every September to plant flowers and mourn the loss of the man who abused me for so many years, I always saw a Monarch butterfly flitting around the area surrounding his gravestone.  I never thought much of it until a few years ago.

At our old work location, we'd go outside on our breaks and sit on the benches..chatting and enjoying the nice weather during the fall.  Every September a Monarch butterfly would appear, floating and drifting on the breeze.  It unnerved me...but I'd forget about it for another year.

We moved to a new building a few years ago and the butterfly didn't appear. 

Until today.  It was a beautiful day, crisp and clear..and we went outside for a walk. 

Suddenly, something appeared in the corner of my vision.


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