Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Five: Holy Crap, Really? *Updated*

The blog that I'm highlighting tonight was shared with me via email and I have to tell you, I've been thinking about what I wanted to write all day.  I'll probably keep it short and sweet since I'm trying to ease myself back into the blogging swing of things but jeebus, I'm flabbergasted by this woman's reasoning.

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The blogger apparently got a couple questions passed on to her by one of her online far so good.right?  The first question was innocuous enough...what has she been up to?  Nothing miraculously interesting so let's move on to the next question. 

"A new blog friend (Hi, Ruth!) read about our youngest girls' names & wondered about K'Tyo's name...where it comes from, how you say it, & what it means. I couldn't believe I had never blogged about it, but looking back, I can't find a post about it anywhere! I am blaming jet lag after we came home with him for my oversight. :o)"

Here's her response and where I realized things were seriously messed up:
"K'Tyo's name is pronounced /k/ tie-yo. Honestly, we weren't sure what we were doing about his name before leaving for Ethiopia. For us, it was hard because he was 4 years old at the time, & obviously had quite the personality."
Holy crap, really?  Ummm, not only did he have a personality, HE HAD A NAME. 
"All of our children's names begin with a "K", so we wanted to incorporate that somehow (how we got going on K's is still a mystery). His Ethiopian name is Sintayehu, which means "much I have seen" (pretty intense, huh?). We love it's significant meaning, but knew in America it would be butchered."
Holy crap, really?  So, even though the name he had since birth had significant meaning,  you figured, we'll completely change it and stick a "K" in front so he matches the rest of our brood?

Ugh.  Just...yuck.


The blog author has written another post, "Why Do I Blog?" in response to my comment on her blog, expressing my disgust at another comment someone had posted and at her post in general.

I'm saving my opinions to myself because I'm in an odd place tonight and my thoughts are a bit scattered.  Read her post for yourself and tell me what you think.


  1. I'm thinking Oh God!!!!!!!This is disgusting.

  2. I love how she refers to his "Ethiopian" name. Uh, Sintayehu is his NAME. The only name he has known and the only name he has had for his four years of life.

    And since when is Sintayehu a name that would be butchered in America? I'm assuming the name is pronounced exactly as it is spelled: sin-tah-yay-hoo.

    She needs to admit that they changed his name only to satisfy what her own wants. His needs clearly did not factor in to the decision at all.

  3. So they renamed him to something that is equally mispronounced??

    This reply is just as revolting:
    "It's perfect for a black child - it sounds so freaking ghetto - I love it!"

  4. I left a comment on the blog in question, calling out the person who said "It's perfect for a black child - it sounds so freaking ghetto - I love it!" saying that I was disgusted. It's been removed. response on the fact that I said the blog post disgusted me too but baby steps, right?


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