Thursday, March 17, 2011

Well, There You Go Then

I need to STOP looking at my Google Reader.

Chinese Infant Adoptees Form Attachments Quickly

I formed an attachment to MY adoptive mother too, but I think it was more out of necessity and the fear of being abandoned again than anything else.


  1. Bwahahahaha! Like they have a friggin' choice????

  2. Another tiny study with unscientific 'evidence' and who was in the non-adopted control group? Where they Chinese girls born in China, America or elsewhere? Don't adoptees warrant better than this?

  3. Oh these types of *research* studies drives me bonkers-- which is already a short trip!

    I didn't read the whole study-- but from a statistical standpoint--the sample size is to small to represent the larger population.

    Really? What was it . . . 32? Who the hell funds that kind of research???

    As an aparent who has adopted from China, I would never agree to them being part of a research study.

    I figure my girls will have enough on their plate. I am not going to add to that by signing them up to be a guinnea pig for someone's research project.

  4. Yeah...that wasn't our experience. My poor daughter was pretty shell-shocked when she came to us. It took her a lot longer than 6 months to really become herself. Besides that, I think "attachment" doesn't really speak to the life-long complexities of being adopted I'm glad my daughter is doing well and is a happpy little girl, but that doesn't mean she's not going to experience pain when it all starts sinking in.

  5. Just checking in because you haven't posted in a while and want to make sure you are okay...I get worried when you are quiet.


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