Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmas Present

It was Friday afternoon, Christmas Eve, and I was walking around Target aimlessly looking for last minute stocking stuffers and presents.  My phone vibrated and I saw that my nmom had texted me. 

C: Has he written??

Me:  Nothing yet..

C:  Well he just wrote me on Facebook and said "Wish me luck, I'm going in.."


C:  Breathe

Me:  I'm in the middle of Target.  

C:  Lol.

Me:  OMG, I have to go home.

C:  Keep busy and BREATHE.  He's probably writing and rewriting his letter...

Me:  ::vomit::

C:  Lol.  Love you.  No matter what, I love you.

I went home and started putting together Chase's Zhu Zhu pets and their accompanying playsets.  Put on some Christmas music and got lost in the spirit.  Until my phone beeped with the notification that I had a Facebook message. 

My favorite Christmas present this year?  No...not an engagement ring. And my new silver earrings, personalized keychain and Kindle were pretty frigging sweet, but those weren't the presents that meant the most to me.

This was:

Hi Christina, I wouldn't call it a shock, more like a tsunami...HA! I am surprised, no denying it, not shocked though...I welcome this surprisingly peaceful news. Mostly I am happy and relieved that you and C are together with your gorgeous babies.

I talked about you with my wife M and she agreed that you and I should (re)connect. She is wonderful and at some point, with your permission, I'm sure you will hear from her as well. My road is a long and winding one and one that I look forward to sharing with you. M and I live in our new house on the family farm, though not really a farm. We grow veggies to put up each year and horses occupy some of the land. We moved here to help take care of M's parents when the time comes. I have three sons, C, who was adopted, M, who's in the Army, and D. C and D live in Virginia Beach. I have 2 lovely step-daughters A and L and they have tons of kids so "Poppee" is always busy when they visit.

This is a new start and one that I am looking forward to with much anticipation. I must now go and tend to the man stuff that goes with decorating for the family party later today. Merry Christmas Doll.


  1. I am all teary eyed just reading this! I am so so happy for you. Def a Christmas to remember, eh?

  2. Uh...yeah. So that's like the best Christmas present ever. There must have been something in the air on Christmas Eve - my BIL was reunited with his 19 year old son that same night!!!!

    I am so thrilled for you and if you want to come down to the Virginia Beach area to meet the siblings sometime before July, my home is open to you. I am not too far from there and it would be a pleasure to give you a place to stay.

    Much love -


  3. Thank you was a powerful experience.

    And Melynda, I'll definitely let you know! I appreciate your offer deeply and would even make the journey down there just to hang out with you for a weekend. ;)

  4. I am so happy for you Christina!! The letter was great ~ and my heart melted with "Merry Christmas Doll"...

    I wish you all the best in your reunion with your dad!


  5. Truly a wonderful Christmas present beyond all measure.

  6. I have been stalking your blog waiting for an update...and what an amazing update it is...

    Have the best time getting to know him but do it on your time table...

  7. And I am serious about my offer, Christina. All I need is a heads up so I can put your name on "The List" at the front gate so the guards will let you on base.


  8. Oh, yea! So glad for you all. What a great Christmas present!


  9. The. Best. Ever.

    I am so happy for you, and I hope that 2011 wlll bring many more felicitous surprises for you. And that your relationship with your ndad will grow.

    Hugs and much love.


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