Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mercury Rising

Did you all know that Mercury is in retrograde until Saturday?  Well, it is and all I want to do is crawl into bed and emerge on Sunday once it's over.  Here's a run down of what's been going on.

  • A week ago Tuesday I was driving to work with one of my coworkers...buzzing along happily in my Jeep, talking and laughing about the fact that there is NOTHING good on the radio in the morning.  I was in the fast lane and saw a contractor's pickup truck pass us in the middle lane at a faster speed.  My coworker Chris said, "Uh oh..." and I saw five 2x4's lift up from the bed of the truck and come up into the air in front of my Jeep.  And then they made contact.  Chris had the presence of mind to write down the truck's license plate..which was good in retrospect since they took off.  I pulled over and we assessed the damage.  And folks, we were lucky.  Very, very lucky.  The only thing that happened was that one of the boards knocked my license plate loose.  I mean, you hear these horrible stories of people getting decapitated by flying metal and wood on the highways and honestly, if some of the boards hadn't flown over my roof, I'm not sure what the hell would have happened.

  • One of my other coworkers and one of the managers each lost their fathers this week within one day of each other.  I just went to one of the wakes tonight after work.  It was so difficult to go into the funeral home and have to view the casket.  The last funeral I was at was my grandfather's...and before that, my adoptive father's.  It will never get easier.  I still miss my grandfather...and still wish that my father was alive..if only so I could get the chance to tell him how much of an asshole he really was.  Lol..nah...I don't have any issues, right?

  • Yet another coworker lost one of her good friends last a house fire.  She died with her mother by her side...leaving behind her father, two brothers, sister-in-law and best friend, and her nephew.  She was only 23.

  • Yesterday, my natural mom texted me and told me that her father, my grandfather, is in the hospital.  He's had heart problems and he'd gotten really weak and my step-grandmother couldn't get him up and had to call the ambulance.  I'm really scared that something is going to happen to him...and yet, I still feel like an outsider, like I don't have "the right" to care as much as I do since I only met him 2 years ago.

Wake me up on Sunday...I can't handle all the heartache that my friends and family are dealing with. 


  1. I'm so sorry you've had a week from hell. I am soooo glad that the 2x4 incident turned out the way it did. How scary! And, I completely understand your grandfather dilemma. Being an "outsider" isn't fun. I'm here for you if you need to talk. If someone could let me sleep until Sunday, I'd be all over that. But at the point I'm at right now, I'm thinking sleeping until New Year's sounds even better! <3

  2. Wow ~ when it rains, it pours! Thank God that you are ok after that frightening incident in the jeep. I hope that better days are ahead for you!

  3. OMG, I Hope brighter days SOON! Your car thing was so scary. We had something a little like that a long time ago with a rock coming off a construction truck in ft of us and bouncing onto the hood of our new Suburu Justy. (see i told you a long time ago! LOL) Hugs for walking through the hard times of loss.

  4. Hugs to you... I lost my adoptive father in 2005. So, yeah - I get what you mean about it doesn't get any easier.


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