Friday, February 18, 2011

Crappy Analogy or Plain Stupidity?

So, I usually keep my "adoption stuff" off of my IRL Facebook profile.  I have both adoptive relatives and natural relatives on there so I tread a thin line of posting stuff that's all inclusive, if you know what I mean. But honestly, what I'm about to copy and paste seriously made me angry.

I'm changing names here...just because I can.

My natural mother has a friend Andrea.  Now, Andrea has a friend named Josephine who is now friends with nmom and I, by default.   She knows about nmom finding me and that I am adopted.

Yesterday Josephine posted the below status on Facebook and it was all I could do not to throw my monitor out of my office window.  I didn't though...just vented about it to my nmom who said she was pissed too.

Josephine ~  is thinking of selling almost all of my purses on ebay to fund that one really big purse purchase! It's like giving my kids up for adoption.

Vera ~  What really big purse purchase?

Crystal ~  My purse just broke yesterday I'm in the market for a new one it could be an open adoption

Christina (Yours Truly) ~  ‎: /

Nmom ~  I'm with you, Christina...hanging onto my purses...

Nmom ~  Ps...crappy analogy.

Josephine ~  Lol I don't know I do love them purses but they don't talk back. No offense intended ladies.

Lisa ~ You could probably buy a nice used car with the profit you would make on those babies!

Jennifer ~ LMFAO!! Like a bandaid honey...just do it!!

I just hate that people can be so nonchalent about adoption when they have NO IDEA what it's actually like, for anyone.


  1. Yuck!
    What a terrible choice of words. The slightly (ok very) bitter about adoption part of me wants to slap that woman silly. Or maybe Im just being sensitive. After all, who would love to be bought sold and traded like a luxury purse... (sarcasm intended)

  2. We need to create a page designated for posting only the stupid shit people say regarding adoption. I've got a few things I'd like to put up there.


  3. ::SQUEAL:: Just are a genius!! I can get a website going this weekend!

  4. Seriously, that is not just dumb but cruel. Selling purses like giving up a baby????

    How can anyone be so flippant about adoption and the loss it imapacts on people's lives.

    So sorry Christina that you had to endure that!

  5. Can it be both a crappy analogy and stupidity (as in: Is she *really* that stupid?) I am sorry that she didn't even get it after you and your nmom spoke up.

    I *love* Just Me's idea! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the site, Christina.

  6. Blech. I hate also the "adopt a highway" concept and many others. C'mon world, get a clue!

  7. Sick. Just sick. (((Christina)))

    I would have been really upset. Most people who haven't lived it really don't get how visceral it is. It is so far from a joke.

  8. And people this dense are why as much as I initially disliked the Blog of Shame award I now support it as a necessary tool.


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